Heart of the Rose
Healing Services for Women

Welcome to Heart of the Rose--healing services for women provided by Tina Dawson, a Certified Massage and CranioSacral therapist and Birth Doula.

• CranioSacral Therapy for women & infants
• Lymph Drainage massage
• Intra-oral TMJ release
• Prenatal, Induction, Postpartum & Infant Massage
• Doula Services
• Childbirth classes • Placenta Medicine
• Movement, Sound & Meditation

I offer various massage specialties, including Pregnancy Massage at the prenatal, induction, and postpartum phases, as well as Swedish massage. I also work with women to alleviate painful TMJ disorder, migraine headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome, tendonitis, digestive problems, anxiety and panic disorders and chronic neck pain and injury. [ learn more ]

Few structures in the human body have as much influence over its ability to function properly as the brain and spinal cord that comprises the central nervous system. [ learn more ]

I trust birth as a natural process and support women and their partners to create a childbirth care plan. My prenatal and labor assistance empowers, supports and encourages a positive birth experience, at home or in the hospital. [ learn more ]

Also, be sure not to miss the touching and inspirational birth stories written by the proud parents Tina has been working with. The sweet photos are worth the visit alone.
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Birthing from Within

Learn about our Birthing From Within™ Childbirth Preparation.

Call for childbirth class dates.

I am a Placenta Medicine Encapsulation Specialist, and offer the encapsulation service, preparing the medicine using Traditional Chinese Medicine.  My website contains research, information, and testimonial evidence from local women who’ve experienced the benefits of ingesting their placenta medicine. [ learn more ]

Please contact Tina for more information or to schedule an appointment.

I have plucked this bouquet of scent
from a place I have called
"the secret rose garden."
There roses bloom that reveal
the mysteries of the human heart...

With your heart's eyes, gaze gently on all these blossoms
until all doubts fade away.
Hopefully you will find some wisdom,
both practical and mystical,
all detailed and arranged clearly...

From The Secret Rose Garden by
Mahmud Shabistari, 13th century Sufi poet

Heart of the Rose represents the
passion of
Tina Dawson, CMT.

She is a Certified Massage,
CranioSacral therapist and
Birth Doula loocated in
Arcata, California.

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