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How will you cope with the intensity and unknowns of birth? 
How will your partner be able to support you?
Do you feel supported, validated and educated to make the choices YOU need to make to birth your baby?

Welcome to our Birthing From Within™ Childbirth Preparation Classes

Where the essence of childbirth education is self-discovery, not assimilating obstetric information. In our BFW childbirth education classes, you and your partner will experience multi-sensory processes and learn proven pain-coping techniques to find your own answers to these and many more questions.

Whether you are planning a home or hospital birth, using natural or medicated methods, or birthing by cesarean, these unique classes will help you prepare in a holistic and mindful way.

BFW classes were created to empower expectant parents in the cultivation of awareness and development of a pain coping mindset. Parents are led with a balance of practical information, and an exploration of pain coping practices and self-discovery processes.



Prenatal Yoga




Schedule of Classes

Birthing From Within™ 4-week Childbirth Preparation Class


Come experience this unique approach, where the essence of childbirth education is self-discovery. Whether you are planning a home or hospital birth, using natural or medicated methods, or birthing by cesarean, these unique classes will help you prepare in a holistic and mindful way.

These extraordinary classes help women and their partners find their own path through labor, birth and parenthood, using self-exploration exercises like process art, journaling, visualization, and breath and meditation practices. These exercises, combined with practical information, help couples talk about what they want during birth, and what they are most concerned about.
This 4-week class is ideal preparation. Four evenings, usually Thursdays, some Wednesdays, 6 to 9 pm.


Birthing From Within™ One-day Intensive Childbirth Preparation Class

A shortened version of the 4-week class, for those who cannot commit to the 4-week class.Usually one Saturday, 10 to 6:30 pm.

Birthin’ Again™ 3- or 4-week class


For women and partners experienced in birth, who’d like to

  • dust off old pain-coping techniques that worked and learn new ones;
  • reflect and learn from your first birth;
  • take time to enjoy this pregnancy;
  • connect with this baby through interesting and enjoyable journaling and birth art;
  • prepare sibling for birth and the new baby.

Birth Story Listening™

2 hour private sessions in Arcata, or schedule a home visit
For many women, the experience of giving birth and becoming a mother evokes strong memories and a range of emotions. It is one of the most powerful and profound events of your life, and, no matter the outcome, it can be infused with negative feelings. In our culture, “healthy mother, healthy baby” may be considered the only thing of value, yet what happened to you matters.

What is emotional birth trauma? Anyone who gives birth or witnesses a birth (a birthing mother, father, or birth attendant) can experience emotional birth trauma. They may feel deep sadness, regret, anger, shame, grief, blame, numbness, or disappointment about event(s) that happened surrounding the birth. While some people try to avoid thinking about certain parts of the birth, others mentally re-play moments over and over again, wondering what should have been done differently. They may try to sort it out on their own or just brush it off. And while talking about it, swapping stories, or venting with similarly wounded moms may provide temporary relief, these approaches do not bring lasting resolution or healing.

Birth Story Medicine is an uplifting guided personal-growth process that brings insight, resolution, and healing after a difficult or disappointing birth. It is never too soon, nor too late, to find new meaning and healing in your birth story. 

Space is limited to allow for individual attention
Call to reserve your place in class

Birthing From Within classes held at Moonstone Midwives Birth Center in Arcata.

Call (707) 498-5952 for more information and prices, and check out www.birthingfromwithin.com and the book Birthing From Within, by Pam England.

Download articles by Virginia Bobro: Ten Holistic Ways to Prepare for the Intensity of Birth, and Breastfeeding from Within™

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