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Alexander Kantner

What I liked most about the classes was Tina’s warmth, deep sincerity and devotion to the cause, and that it was a matter of the heart and mind for her, and us.  These classes strongly reinforced our beliefs about the importance of a natural and intuitive approach to labor and birth, and broadened our understanding of the spiritual dimensions of labor.  

We are thankful to Tina for being a beacon of light in these exciting and uncertain adventures…

Angie Petroske

During both external versions (our baby was breech presentation), I used the breathing & visualization practices to take my mind off the discomfort …

Doing the cesarean role-play was definitely helpful, and it's good to be prepared for the fact that when your partner goes with the baby to the nursery, you are left alone for a while. (I was lucky because the anesthesiologist stayed and chatted with me the entire time post-op until I could go to my postpartum room).

Thanks again for the great class - the breathing techniques are wonderful for many applications and I hope to make full use of the pain-coping methods next time!  This was one of the best classes I have taken from anyone, anywhere…

Lucera Linderborgin

Thinking back now that I’ve been through labor and immediate postpartum, what I value most in the classes was ­­­­­­­learning numerous coping skills, not just for dealing with physical pain, but for dealing emotionally and spiritually with a birth that did not go how I planned it.

During the classes. I did not want to look at the possibility of having a cesarean birth, and I felt there was too much focus on preparing for possible complications and medical interventions.  Now, however, I feel very grateful for the way the class prepared me. It helped me to know that I could cope, and that I did have the courage and strength to face any situation, which turned out to be a cesarean birth.

The classes really helped Nova to be empowered and present at our birth, and this has continued into fatherhood. It has helped us to be even better partners in life and helped us build our communication skills. 

I learned the importance of trusting my own intuition and staying in my power by not giving the authority to anyone outside of myself, and that there are always surprises in birth.  Tina was an excellent teacher and I appreciate the balance of practical and spiritual information and activities she brought to the class.

Holly Scaglione

What I valued most in the classes was the pain coping techniques, breath awareness, birth art, meditation, father’s class, vocalization and the information regarding cesarean birth.  In general, just giving us (as a couple) a space to explore our feelings and thoughts regarding how we want our birth experience to be, was helpful.  And to connect as a couple during the pregnancy was very special.

(I didn’t realize) the likelihood of having a cesarean.  A few of the women in our class ended up having them (for various reasons). Also, no matter how prepared you are, the birth experience is almost never how you envisioned it or planned it. So, it’s very important to make your birth plan and then to truly and fully LET GO of it!

I think it was this class and reading the book that helped my husband and I make our birth experience a sacred one, even though we ended up having a cesarean.

Thank you again Tina for a wonderful Birthing From Within class. It really helped get us through the cesarean. We continued to keep a sacred feeling through our son's birth, even in the OR.  We LOVED your class and have already recommended it to other couples.

Julie Andre

What I liked most about the classes was the breathing, vocalizing, holding the ice & working with partner.  I liked the fact that no one option was put above another and that we were encouraged to look at everything.

These classes were just good for our relationship, just to get ready for this new little person, and have a good laugh around the prospect of her arrival, to release the tension/anxiety & spend some time doing something productive together as a couple before we expanded our family.  And even when it was challenging at times to go to this class (time of the day, sharing with strangers, spiritual aspect of the class), the instructor was so competent, entertaining, and informative that it was a pleasure to be there for 2 and a half hours on a week day after work. I’m glad I took this class in conjunction with a more fact-based childbirth preparation class – they complemented each other nicely.

Yuko Dunn

During these classes, we learned how to vocalize and get centered, and the class provided us a space for meditation.  We were introduced to a philosophy geared toward empowering women, and our favorite quote was “It’s the birth of a mother, a father and a baby.”  This class was an awesome catalyst for creating a dialogue between us.  Thanks for such an informative and eye-opening class.

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