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I have had 3 children in the last 5 years.  They are 5 years old, 15 months and 6 weeks.  I only learned about placenta medicine when my 2nd was about 4 months old.  Each of my children has had a rocky start in the first weeks of life being in the NICU for different reasons.  My first and second pregnancies were followed with weeks (or even months with the second) of crying, feelings of hopelessness, extreme fatigue and a general doubt for my abilities as a mother as well as a woman since breastfeeding didn’t work out either time.  During my 3rd pregnancy I began to research placenta medicine and decided that it sounded like it might be helpful.  That is putting it mildly!

My story:  I did not get the medicine until 8 days after my son was born.  On that exact day prior to picking up the medicine I felt myself begin to sink into the sorrowful woes of crying and doubt.  I was literally walking through Wal-Mart crying; doing my very best to try to keep it together for my other two children.  After my trip to Wal-Mart I picked up my medicine and took the first dose immediately.  By that evening I felt like myself again.  In the days that followed I realized how chipper and calm I felt regardless of the sleepless nights, preemie baby whom I had to finger feed, pumping and worries about his weight loss and jaundice levels being at 18.  Others I encountered throughout my day also commented on how lively I was so early in the game.  The biggest testament however, was when my son at 3 weeks of age was admitted into the NICU for an “apparent life threatening occurrence of unknown etiology” and underwent tons of testing from an EKG to a spinal tap to an EEG.  In the process I did not have my placenta medicine for 1 ½ days.  In that day and a half my milk production went down and the baby blues began to come in.  Even my husband, who in the beginning was skeptical, told me I needed to be sure to take the medicine because after watching me for the third time, he could see how beneficial…perhaps even necessary it was for me.  Within 12 hours of my taking it again my milk supply began to increase again and the sorrows were gone.  I was able to deal with my son and what he was going through calmly and with ease.  The placenta medicine makes such a difference that I honestly don’t know why anybody wouldn’t take advantage of its beneficial properties after giving birth.

India Greeley

If you had asked me 3 years ago if I would have ingested my placenta I would have laughed and said not a chance. I had no idea the amazing benefits at that time.  

I learned about placenta encapsulation in my birthing class while I was pregnant with my 1st child 2 years ago.  When the instructor talked about having your placenta encapsulated, I could not believe people actually ate it.  

My ob advised me to start taking my anti depressants as soon as I gave birth to my son. I am very high risk for postpartum depression so when I learned that ingesting your placenta could prevent depression I decided I would give it a try. I planned to breast feed my son so I did not want to take medication.

I was also concerned about my milk not coming in. I was pleasantly surprised when my milk came in in abundance and I had no sign of postpartum depression. In fact, I did not have to go back on my medication until a year after my son was born.  

I was so happy with my recovery while taking my encapsulated placenta with my first child that I enlisted Tina again when I recently gave birth to my daughter. I am currently taking my encapsulated placenta and have no signs of postpartum and my milk came in quickly again this time. I also feel amazing considering that I had a c- section again this time and am not getting much sleep at all. (If you have had a newborn in the house you know how that goes.)

On a separate note, I did have 2 c-sections. My first was not planned but my second was. My advice to those of you having c-sections who want to have your placenta encapsulated would be to make a birth plan and let every single person you talk to at the hospital know how important it is to you to have your placenta. It can be difficult to get your placenta after a c-section, and if you do not put up a fight you will not end up taking it out of the hospital. I had a friend waiting to take my placenta as soon as I was out of recovery. I also stressed to every ob and nurse how important it was to me. 

I wish that every mother took advantage of the benefits from ingesting their placenta. It is absolutely amazing and I will have it done after every one of my pregnancies. I cannot imagine recovering from giving birth and adjusting to having a newborn without it.

Thanks again for preparing my placenta. I am so grateful. 
Mariah Battermann

A couple of hours after taking the medicine, I felt heat and a strong contraction in my low back and uterus, a sort of backache.  Within another hour or two I began to feel myself coming back to life, to feel like myself again, in a way, even though I also feel I will never be who I was again before I had my baby.

Also I experimented with not taking the medicine some days just to see if I was imagining that the medicine was working, as I am a skeptic at heart. Before I knew it, I would find myself becoming very tired and would wonder why. Then, I would remember to take my medicine.

It's an immediate acting kind of medicine. It works almost instantaneously. It's an amazing gift from our own body's hard work for those nine months. It makes absolute sense. I am so grateful (not only for the medicine and the medicine woman for preparing it), but also for my own self for following my own internal guidance system. Originally, I was hesitant because of the price, since my budget was low. But buying the placenta encapsulation turned out to be a really good idea. The medicine is priceless. It is more than just worth it. It's necessary.

Sheyda Gomez

Dear Tina, I want to thank you so much for how much you help people and what you do. I honestly wish more women knew about the benefits of placental encapsulation.

When I had my placenta brought to you, it took three days to cure, or whatever the proper term is for your awesome magic. During those three days, I cried constantly. I was running through all the negative thoughts and anxieties a new mother gets along with a major withdrawal of the hormones my body had been producing.

I got my placenta back, in lovely bottles, and nicely printed instructions. And within hours of taking the pills, I was able to calm down and my anxiety vanished. My tiredness also went away, and my body was able to regulate better. Also, I found it much easier to feed my son. He had some trouble latching, but it helped my milk flow to come in stronger.

And even after I stopped taking the pills, I was able to nurse my son on both sides AND pump 9-15 ounces. Due to the amazing benefits in my two year old is already 37 inches tall and has the dexterity of a 5 year old!

To make it even more amazing, my doctors told me that my body was able to heal much more quickly! And my C-section scar was healed in a matter of days as opposed to weeks. My GYN was actually shocked until I told her I had been taking my placenta pills. Then she was like “oh yeah, you would be surprised how amazingly that works”. She asked me what gave me the idea to have my placenta encapsulated, and I told her I grew up on a ranch and always saw the animals ingest their placenta after birth, and I knew there must be a reason. She then proceeded to tell me that after birth, women have trouble because our placenta was rich in vital nutrients and hormones, and by ingesting them, I was replenishing what I lost. Allowing my body to make more milk, heal faster, and balance my hormones. Instead of pulling what it needed out of thin air and food.

This sounded like a too good to be true miracle cure, but I am so happy that it was genuine in every way. I found you, Tina, by asking around mad river, and when I had my son I told every nurse and doctor multiple times that I wanted to keep my placenta, and even though they weren't supposed to give it to me, they did. I am so happy with the results, that when my second child is born in March, I will definitely be doing it again. I already told my doctor I want to keep my placenta and they told me yes!

So thank you for what you do, and please continue to help women as amazingly as you do. I owe you so much for your kindness. I cannot thank you enough!

Kala Palacios

Having babies is one of the most amazing experiences, but it can take a toll on one’s body and emotional state. After my first son was born, I had experienced extreme baby blues, so when I got pregnant again I knew that I wanted to provide for myself everything I could to be healthy emotionally and physically. I had passed up placenta encapsulation the first time around thinking that I didn’t need it, but for the birth of my second son, I knew this was absolutely the right thing to do. I knew that this medicine would give my body all of the nutrients and strength that it needed to provide for my newborn in those early months.

During the pregnancy of my second son, I experienced extreme anxiety, which did not go away after childbirth. Once at home after giving birth, I was so panicked that I hid out in the back room and didn’t want anyone besides the baby around me. I made an appointment with my doctor that first week postpartum, and she prescribed antidepressants. I was reluctant to take them, but was willing to do what I needed to feel better for me and my family.

I instantly called Tina to see if I could combine the antidepressants with the placenta medicine. Tina’s concern was for me to be healthy, and she encouraged me to take the antidepressants if that’s what I needed. She also encouraged me to try the placenta medicine before starting the antidepressants. Within 24hours of taking the placenta medicine I started to feel better, no joke! Within three days I was out interacting with my family and leaving the house. It was the most amazing transformation, I felt like myself again. Tina provides such an important service to new mothers. Not only does she process and provide mamas with their own bodies’ medicine, she is also available at any time to answer questions. Thank You Tina for the work you do.

Amanda Staack

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